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Jake King refused entry into MCG on Saturday night

  • Jake King refused entry into MCG on Saturday night

    MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA - MARCH 27: Jake King (R) of the Tigers kicks Jarrad Waite of the Blues after he kicked a goal during the round two AFL match between the Richmond Tigers and the Carlton Blues at Melbourne Cricket Ground on March 27, 2014 in Melbourne, Australia. (Photo by Michael Dodge/Getty Images)

Former Richmond crowd favourite Jake King has sent a please explain to MCG staff after he was refused entry to the Richmond vs Sydney Swans game on Saturday night.

The former Tiger lined up like everyone else at the gates, before security told him that he was lining up in the wrong section of the gates. 

“I lined up, like everyone else,” King told 3AW on Monday. “We got to where they do metal scanning. They scanned me and then my partner. We’d walked through and then one security guard said ‘you can’t be in this line’. I asked what he meant and he said ‘you have to line up in another line to get your bag checked’.

“I grabbed my partner’s bag to check it, but he said ‘no you can’t come through this line with bags’. I then turned around and everyone was coming through with bags.

“He started carrying on like an imbecile, then a police officer came and asked what the problem was. I said ‘he won’t check my bag so we can go in’, she checked the bag and said everything was okay. But because I disagreed with that security guard, he refused me entry into the ground.”

King admits he felt embarrassed after the security guard started "yelling, carrying on and causing a scene"

“The police officers and I stood away to not cause any more of a scene. To be honest, it was pretty embarrassing.

“They knew who I was, so it wasn’t a case of trying to push in line or anything. We lined up as normal and did everything as normal. We’ve got footage of the police checking the handbag, as normal, and everything is fine. But one security guard was on his high horse and causing drama.”

The fiery former small forward says he has asked his lawyer to get involved and demand why King was not allowed access on Saturday night.

“I still don’t know what the problem was,” he said. “Even the police officer asked the security ‘what’s the problem?’ and he said ‘no I’ve made my mind up’.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous and I’d like to know from the AFL what the hell was the reasoning for it.

“My lawyer actually wrote a letter saying ‘please explain’ because it was ridiculous.”

King says that the confrontation won't stop him from attending games at the MCG, saying that he loves going along and watching his former team-mates and was rapt for them to get the win over the Swans.

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